Mission Statement

Probus is a volunteer civic organization of professional and business people dedicated to the following:

  1. Helping the mentally and physically challenged, as well as the needy
  2. Promoting communal and charitable activities through on-going national projects and by providing support to local chapters in the following areas:
    1. Membership
    2. Publicity
    3. Monetary Assistance
  3. Providing a means to form enduring friendships by sponsoring social events and coordinating participation by all clubs in local chapter events.
  4. To help the clubs, a short term loan program to group homes and organizations you work with, who need funds for an immediate purchase that won’t be reimbursed by the state for some time, and a program to loan seed money for local Probus club fund raisers.
  5. We’re also accepting requests for review, up to $2000.00, to help clubs with specific donations.